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Commission Prices $$$ - UPDATED by Narkootikumid Commission Prices $$$ - UPDATED by Narkootikumid

Commissions - OPEN!!

Hello guys! I'm raising money for Christmas shopping, Wild Wild West Con III, and upcoming birthdays.
I'll need all the commissions I'll get but right now I only have three slots.

1.) Any and all reference pictures of oc(s) you plan to have me draw. This can include art from other people, your own reference sheets, art you've done of the oc(s), etc.
2.) Color pallets! When being commissioned in the past people have forgotten to give me the unshaded colors needed. So, give me any and all color pallets I will need. Preferably labeled.
3.) What style do you want? By this I mean do you want them to be cute looking like Molly and Devien in the commission sheet or sexy like Devin is? Explain personality or simply tell me whatever it is you want. I'll create a pose from this information.
4.) Headshot, Bust, or Full-body? Do you want extra people? Animals? A Background? This information will pretty much determine the final price seeing as I'll also need to know outline, flat coloring, or full shading.
5.) Anything else I will need to better your commission! Do you maybe have a detail on the reference sheets that I should skip? Is there a color change or haircut not shown? Do you want me to do it all in monochrome? This is where miscellaneous information goes!

What each thing is:
Headshots - Any of the pictures on the sheet would be considered a headshot.
Bust - This would be from the bottom of the ribcage (above the belly button).
Full body - You can guess.

The way I do payment is 25% up front, 50% after you approve the sketch, then the last 25% after you get the finished piece.
So if you wanted a $30 commission it would be $7 up front, $14 after the sketch, then the last $7 at the end. There is no negotiating this way of payment. I don't like being cheated out of my money after doing a lot of hard work. Note me for my paypal when the time is right.

I am willing to add up to THREE OR FOUR OCS depending on detail level.
Animal companions are also an option as well as simple backgrounds.
Please comment or note me to discuss a commission!

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REVLAKECC Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013
are these custom adoptable commissions too?
Narkootikumid Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

So so sorry for such a late reply!

I recently passed a big test at school so I was celebrating etc etc.

To answer your question, yes custom adoptables are commission-able too.

Simply note me anything and everything you want and we can go to price etc from there. c:

REVLAKECC Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
Ok. well i have 2 ideas for a female custom adoptable design, can i note you their description? 
Narkootikumid Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Of course!

I'll probably be slightly late on replies though seeing as we seem to be in different time zones.

Either way I should get an answer back to you about how long it will take, price etc. within the next three days or sooner.

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September 29, 2013
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